Innivative Ventures INCORPORATED

Overview of Advisory Services

IVI creates quasi-equity, venture capital and fund of funds to exploit market inefficiencies that exist in international emerging market countries. These specialized vehicles are targeted to leverage the first commitments from donors and government investors in private equity with the more substantial monies of private sector financial and corporate investors.

Our experience in creating and managing direct investment funds makes us an effective advisor and partner to you. Because IVI is a direct investor in emerging markets and not a passive intermediary, we have the knowledge and insight to see and capture market inefficiencies across a variety of industries and private equity strategies, e.g., IVI created royalty investment funds that generate equity-like returns on a cash repayment schedule of debt as the strategy to fill the gap separating term lending and venture capital. These funds generated IRR in excess of 21%, net of fees.

IVI's clients use royalty structures to generate early cash returns and lead the development of the market to gain ‘first-mover’ advantage rather than wait until all the conditions are perfect for a traditional equity-based VC program. And because IVI develops markets and companies for venture capital as ‘pre-investment’ initiatives, we identify upcoming sectors, emerging enterprises and entrepreneurial investment opportunities for corporate and financial investors.

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