Innivative Ventures INCORPORATED

Investment Services

To make your objectives a reality, IVI provides the following services to create and execute international and emerging markets VC funds:

  1. Define market opportunities and target sectors to rationalize the investment & asset allocation strategy.
  2. Establish the venture capital strategy/facility to specific objectives & target SMEs, the mix of deal structures and resources required to achieve financial and development targets.
  3. Initiate the fund raising process and manage the activity through closing.
  4. Manage and/or select a local fund manager, execute the strategy across regional investment offices.
  5. Organize and co-manage pilot investment programs. Establish strategic partnerships to generate 1st product sales for investees with corporates as the future acquirers of the portfolio.
  6. Upgrade investor organizations to effectively deliver investment products to target clients. When required, train portfolio officers in scheme execution to achieve ROI, risk and liquidity objectives.
  7. Negotiate and structure investment transactions. Securitize unsecured investments with IVI’s ‘Silent Lien®’ to provide investor protection and recourse when quasi-equity strategies are implemented.

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