Innivative Ventures INCORPORATED

Overview: Developing Markets & Entrepreneurs For VC

IVI created two products to develop companies located in the Former Soviet Union for seed/early stage VC and strategic investment by multi-national corporations. Currently there are insufficient numbers of technology SMEs to support the development and funding of an early stage, technology venture capital industry in the CIS.

Each product is intended to accomplish slightly different, but related objectives; to increase the potential of CIS technology companies to raise VC and strategic investment, to establish new enterprises around Russian technology and attract international investors and their capital to the region.

The objective of the CIS High Technology Partnership Initiative™ is to increase the quality and number of technology small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) for investment. IVI is establishing cross border partnerships and strategic relationships between technology suppliers from the CIS and international companies. The knowledge transfer that results from supplying international customers and delivering to their expectations improves the ability of Russian SMEs to expand their business and products both horizontally and vertically.

Implementing strategic relationships is the pre-investment activity needed for a ‘smart money’, seed & early stage venture capital industry to form in response to demand for CIS technology and technology enterprises from Western partners. Go here to learn details of the CIS High Technology Partnership Initiative™.

The objective of the Russian Technology Investment Forum™ is to present the top pre-revenue, early and expansion-stage companies for investment to international investors. Russian entrepreneurs present their business plans and fund raising objectives of US$250,000-US$10,000,000 to international venture capitalists, strategic investors, service providers and investment bankers. The Forum is organized as a venture capital contest where the best of the best technology enterprises compete to participate. Go here to learn details of the Russian Technology Investment Forum™

Each product provides the domestic and international market with:

  1. Opportunities to conduct business with CIS technology providers, access to international investors, partners & customers
  2. Business planning & development assistance as well as development of general entrepreneurial skills
  3. Development and growth of business models
  4. Mentorship from Russian and international entrepreneurs
  5. Exposure to the media & PR buzz


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