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Innovative Ventures Inc., (IVI) began operations in 1986, is 100% privately owned with offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Moscow, Russia.

IVI designs and builds venture capital (VC) funds that meet the profit and development objectives of our clients including institutional investors, multi-lateral development banks and government investors in private equity. IVI developed strategies for venture capital, cash flow ‘quasi-equity’ and ‘fund of funds’ with a total capitalization of US$285,000,000 to capture market inefficiencies in Africa, Europe, the Former Soviet Union and North America.

Once monies are committed to a strategy, our involvement continues in one of three ways:

  1. IVI manages the fund, e.g., the Michigan Product Development Fund.
  2. IVI selects a local fund manager, e.g., the IFC Succession Fund of South Africa and the World Bank East Africa Equity Facility.
  3. IVI provides internal staff for fund management and develops client personnel to invest capital and manage investments to liquidity, e.g., the Lower Volga Regional Venture Fund of HP Russia LP, the Federal Business Development Bank of Canada and Financière Saint Dominique (Paris).

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IVI is establishing cross-border partnerships between Russian small & medium size technology enterprises (SMEs) and international corporations through our CIS High Technology Partnership Initiative™. Partnerships result in the creation of new technology products for multinational corporations and new revenues for Russian developers of technology.

The objectives of the Initiative are to:

  1. Produce better quality and faster growth CIS SMEs.
  2. Create new enterprises around Russian technology.

IVI is implementing this Initiative with Russian and international partners to create sustainable deal flow as the prerequisite for an early stage venture capital industry to emerge in the CIS. Investors must develop companies for investment, especially in the emerging market countries where the quality and quantity of SMEs and entrepreneurs are insufficient to create industries as efficient as in Europe, parts of Asia, and the USA.

IVI organizes partnerships to three criteria:

  1. Investment of capital into Russian SMEs for technology development & operating needs.
  2. Oversight of the partnership by the foreign buyer & IVI.
  3. Hiring of staff to strengthen the Russian SME in finance, project & general management.

IVI’s partnership initiative evolved from our 1st program that presented Russian technology SMEs to international VCs in the Russian Technology Investment Forum™ with enterprise preparation accomplished in the Venture Capital Workshop™.

Why should you consider IVI as your advisor and partner? Because we give you:

  1. Access to VC fund solutions that solve the conflicting objectives of generating profits and increasing social development in the emerging markets.
  2. Access to Russian opportunities in technology, developers and the market.

Thank you for visiting IVI.


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